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In some instances, I am rewarded for products or publications mentioned or featured on this website. I detail below some of the ways I benefit, as well as the results I sometimes feature on this website.

• Occasionally I will make recommendations on this website that will include links to helpful resources for which I get some kind of compensation. I may be paid a commission for each sale, or receive some form of reward, either financially or in kind.  These payments help towards financing the publication of this website.

• However, I will only make a recommendation based primarily on the value and advantage they may provide the reader.  My recommendations will be based on my assessment of their value, helpfulness, and quality, or on my direct or indirect knowledge of the supplier’s reputation, past performance, and degree of knowledge

• Some affiliate links are included that are linked to specific keywords or advertising space within the website’s content.

• Sometimes I will include a link which does not lead to any form of compensation but relates to a source of information that I consider to be of interest or helpful to the reader.

• Any testimonials featured on this website will highlight positive and sometimes remarkable results that have been achieved under particular and unique circumstances. It is difficult to predict results that may be typical, as all circumstances and results are unique. Individual responses are varied and exclusive.

• Testimonials and case studies are provided by people who have had personal experience with the products or services in question.  They have each agreed to supply a written explanation or endorsement willingly and without any financial payment or compensation of any kind.

• There is inherent risk in all purchases so you will need to exercise judgment when making a decision to purchase.

• No advertiser will influence the content of this website.

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