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Helen Tozer and Patrick Cameron

Long Hair Training Workshop

Helen Tozer and Patrick Cameron at Long Hair Training Workshop

Helen Tozer and Patrick Cameron - November 2012

Helen Tozer recently attended an inspirational workshop with Patrick Cameron and learnt many new tips and techniques from this acclaimed master of long-hair styling.

Patrick Cameron is an international celebrity long-hair expert who has a natural ability to work magic with long hair; skilfully demonstrating his creative and professional style, enthusing hairdressers and clients alike.

Patrick's relaxed and friendly style enabled Helen to quickly absorb his teaching, concentrating on his unique and inventive approach to dressing long hair.

After her time with Patrick, Helen is now able to apply some of his techniques alongside her own repertoire to ensure that she provides the very best styling service available to her clients.

For details of  Helen's long-hair workshops please phone or send her an e-mail    to discuss available dates for your chosen training event.

All of  Helen's long-hair workshops are conducted using live models for styling practice.

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