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Wedding Planning - Resources

Planning a wedding involves the bringing together of so many resources, it's about as close as you're going to get to planning a military operation!

Until I started my wedding hair service I had forgotten just how much is involved .  Now, with several years of experience 'living out' the wedding day excitement, I appreciate all that is required to make the final day all run smoothly.

When I'm with my brides they tell me all about their trials and tribulations of getting organized and how stressful it can be for them at times.  So I had a look online to for some sites that could help you, and other members of your wedding party.

I hope these suggestions will help you (please let me know) and if you have a few of your own, I will gladly pass them on.

Being organised and prepared for the main event helps to reduce the stress, with just the butterflies left to enjoy!

Wedding Planning

'100 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Morning'

My new book reveals how to reduce stress, relax and get organised on your wedding morning to make sure that the whole day runs smoothly and calmly. To find out more have a look at the Wedding Morning Tips information page.

100 Tips For A Stress Free Wedding Morning 


Don't Let Wedding Day Nerves Ruin Your Big Day!

Man or woman, it makes no difference, getting married is one of the biggest events you'll ever experience. You're so happy to be marrying the one you love, but as the guest list grows and the exchange of vows gets closer, nerves kick-in and you begin to feel anxious. How will you handle it when the day actually arrives?

Imagine what it would be like to:

♦ Be strong, confident and fearless on your wedding day!

♦ Enjoy the flood of emotions without overshadowing anxiety!

♦ Feel calm and relaxed throughout the entire event!

Self hypnosis is a form of creative relaxation. In this calm state you are able to see things more clearly and bring about change in your unconscious mind. With the help of this self hypnosis CD/MP3 download you will develop a sense of calm control over your body and mind. You will be guided through a visualization of your big day, experience it in all its splendour, and feel your nervousness drift away. Thoughts of your wedding will soon be filled with joy and elation, not clouded by shaky wedding day nerves and trepidation.

Let self hypnosis guide you to a worry-free wedding day! 

The Best Mans Speech

 Let hypnosis help you give a great best man’s speech!

So you’ve been chosen to be the best man at the wedding, how wonderful! But then it hits you - you’ll be expected to give a speech.

Has making a speech or speaking in front of people always been difficult for you?

Do you want to do the right thing for your friend, but fear too tongue-tied to say anything meaningful or even entertaining?

With the pressure on and the big day drawing near, are you looking for ways to get out of making the toast?

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Speak confidently - maybe even make a joke or two!  
  • Find the right words to honour your friend’s marriage!  
  • Get over your fear of public-speaking-confidence.html" public speaking once and for all!  

Being given the task of the best man’s speech can feel like a heavy weight on your shoulders, but it doesn’t have to be.

Hypnosis unlocks hidden purpose and potential from our unconscious mind and brings it to the forefront.  Fears that dwell there are soothed by hypnosis and replaced with reassurance.

This best man’s speech hypnosis CD/MP3  download will help you find the words you really want to say and speak them with certainty.

Use hypnosis to help you give a memorable speech!


Fearless Public Speaking

“How To Become A Fearless, Confident Public Speaker In Only Minutes A Day...
  Automatically And Without Effort!”

Dale Carnegie, author of the self-improvement classic, 'How To Win Friends And Influence People', once said...

“There is no such thing as a ‘born’ public speaker.”

How true. For most people, just the thought of — or the hint that they might “have to” — speak in public automatically raises their anxiety level to red alert. In fact, it’s well know that many psychological polls rank public speaking as people’s #1 fear... usually ranking above the fear of death.

With this program you will...

  • Gain a new air of confidence and self-assuredness...  
  • Feel comfortable speaking regardless of audience size... 100 or 1,000 people... it doesn’t matter...  
  • Become a great communicator and inspire people with your words...  
  • Be immune to the negative effects of criticism...  
  • Have the right words for every situation...  
  • Bring people around to your way of thinking...  
  • Feel confident in any social setting...  
  • Master the art of storytelling...  
  • Get your points across quickly and powerfully...  
  • Intuitively know what to say and what NOT to say...  
  • Become sharp and witty...   
  • Be at peace when you are the center of attention... in any situation...  
  • Quickly develop rapport with almost anyone...  
  • Get better at remembering names, dates, places, etc....  
  • Perform well under any and all types of pressure...  
  • Think faster on your feet...  

And much, much more...  Click Here to Learn More



 Slim & Trim - Weight Loss

Even though we want to eat healthier, something inside us makes us return to the fridge again and again.  We venture out to parties and restaurants armed with our good intentions, yet somehow we end up making less than healthy decisions.

Weight loss can be a treacherous battle. If only it was as easy to get rid of as it was to gain!  What if there was a way to tap into a powerful fountain of motivation, one that would guide you, almost automatically, toward a healthier and slimmer you?  Well, there is a way! It's called hypnosis.  Yes, with the help of hypnosis, that same tiny voice that now struggles to be heard can become much louder if you want it to be.  Hypnosis can help you in your weight loss fight!

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